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Lyngby: DTU, campus and places for students

Lyngby is a town situated 15km north of Copenhagen. It gathers around 55,000 residents and is a lively place of both science and culture. Lyngby is also home to the Technical University of Denmark, known as DTU.

Lyngby may not be an obvious choice for people interested in living in Copenhagen, but it’s definitely worth considering. One of the reasons being the many interesting places and activities available near the campus. Here are some examples:

#1 Jægerborg Dyrehave

If you’re looking for a great day outside, you just found your spot. Jægersborg Dyrehave is a huge park, filled with greenery, food and chill spots near the water. If you allow yourself to explore, you can easily meet wild deer – there are around 2,000 of them, living there freely since the XVII century when the king set the area as royal hunting grounds. You can bike, walk around, have a picnic, or take a nap under the sky. If you like history, you can also visit the royal hunting house also known as The Hermitage (Eremitageslottet). The park is supplied with restaurants at its heart and is free to enter.

#2 Sophienholm

Do you want to spend a day with both art and nature? Sophienholm is the place to check out. It offers small but high-quality art exhibitions, a delicious bistro, and a park to take a walk in and breathe some fresh air near the lake.

#3 Dyrehavsbakken

Get ready to feel like a kid in an American 80’s movie – cotton candy, rollercoasters and plush toys await. Dyrehavsbakken is one of the coolest and oldest amusement parks in Denmark. Besides the usual rides, you can also go to a little cinema, see magic shows and take lots of interesting photos. The park has a unique vibe, on the edge of family fun and creepy carnival.

#4 Korsbæk på Bakken

Looking for some excellent food? This is the one. You may feel familiar after entering since Korsbæk på Bakken is known from the TV show called Matador. Let yourself do a little time travelling and enjoy a traditional meal.

#5 Lyngby Åmose

Nature is definitely one of Denmark’s strong suits. Yet another great park which will give you plenty of wildlife, plants, picnic spots and colours. Big enough to make a whole day trip, Lyngby Åmose will provide both a romantic date and a family spot. It’s also a great sports area, with canoeing and biking possibilities.

The DTU campus itself also offers many interesting places and activities. 

DTU’s students have access to several canteens, street food stations, a library, a bookstore, and unique facilities, such as DTU Skylab, other labs and the Nanotek. Students also have access to multiple exclusive digital tools and databases to help them learn and develop, including many e-books and millions of scientific articles.

Studying in Lyngby can be a great experience and a major time-saver if you play it right. One of the ways to do that is by choosing the right place to live. There are a few accommodation options near DTU. You can either go for a dormitory or a room in a shared apartment. Basecamp offers the ultimate middle ground. You can choose the desired size of your new home and even decide if you’d like to have a private kitchen. Wi-Fi and private bathrooms are included in all options. As a Basecamp resident, you’ll also have access to a gym, a game room, a cinema, and an 800-meter rooftop running track with a view. All you have to do to start your Lyngby adventure is choose your room, rent and move in!

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