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Studying in Dortmund – challenge or adventure?

The things that draw so many international students to Germany are a wide offer of study options, affordable costs, funding and the high living standard. If you decide to study and live here in the Land of Ideas, one of the most attractive places to consider is Dortmund. Of the approximately 600,000 inhabitants, over 50,000 are young students from all over the world. It is why Basecamp run new great apartments for students there. Is it easy to live in Dortmund as a foreigner? What are the pros and cons or costs of living for international students? Let’s begin the survey. 

Is Dortmund a good place to study? 

Dortmund is the largest city in the Ruhr Region. And is considered to be the administrative, commercial and cultural centre of the eastern Ruhr area. On one side it offers a big-city life, on the other, it is called “green metropolis” with parks making up almost half of the city. Students in Dortmund have a lot of educational options to choose from. There is a broad selection of study programs and practical courses conducted in close cooperation with research institutes. Universities in Dortmund are commonly known to actively promote international exchange. They are involved in numerous university partnerships. This sums to high quality, diversified study and career possibilities. People here are open-minded and friendly, eager to help foreigners. If you still hesitate and ponder if Dortmund is the best place to move to, we will provide you with data about living costs, educational system, job opportunities and expected salaries. The characteristics of the most popular and acknowledged universities listed below will surely encourage you to take further steps towards living in Dortmund. 

Technical University Dortmund 

Technische Universität Dortmund (TU Dortmund) is the largest university in the city, with over 16 schools. It was founded in 1968. In 1980, it merged with the Pädagogische Hochschule Ruhr (the University of Teacher Education). It gathers 35,000 students, and over 6,000 staff including 300 professors, offering around 80 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. Students can choose from such disciplines as Mechanical, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Statistics and Computer Science, as well as Education Research, Spatial Planning, Statistics and Journalism. Particular emphasis is put on comprehensive teacher training. Technische Universitat, from 2010 called TU Dortmund, is widely recognized as an outstanding research unit at an international level. It possesses several institutes and is best known for its outstanding achievements. Studying at TU Dortmund can greatly broaden your study options and give you a prestigious degree. 

University of Applied Sciences and Arts 

The Dortmund University of Applied Science and Arts (Fachhochschule Dortmund) has about 669 staff, 232 of which are professors. More than 12,500 students are currently enrolled. It was created in 1971 by a merger of several institutions of higher education. It provides an excellent range of more than 50 Bachelor’s and Master’s study programs in the arts and technology. Its departments of Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Social Work, Economics, Computer Science and Architecture are located in three parts of the city. Dortmund University puts great emphasis on strong problem-solving skills, expertise and application know-how. If you aim for versatile, interdisciplinary and practical education, this high school will definitely meet your goal. Additionally, around 95% of all research is conducted in cooperation with external partners such as small and medium-sized businesses. This provides benefits for students, who can easily become desirable employees for private and public employers. If you have doubts about whether a foreigner can feel here at home, University in Dortmund is well-known for its international character, which makes it a welcoming place for students from all over the world.  

FOM University of Applied Science 

FOM University has had a strong international orientation since its foundation in 1993 in Essen. It has 31 other locations, among them is Dortmund, which opened its doors to all candidates in 2005. FOM is the largest private university in Germany. Its main mission is to ensure the high quality of academic knowledge, social competencies and skills needed in business practice. Efficient organization and flexible approach allow students to broaden their horizons while working. FOM engages in applied research with a special emphasis on the fields of human resource management, career and skills development. Sounds professional and provides ample opportunities. 

ISM International School of Management 

ISM is a private university with state recognition initiated in 1990, (officially in 1994). Headquarters in Dortmund, with around 930 students, is the largest of the ISM’s locations. It is a specialized business school, which offers career-focused management education programs with a strong international focus. Studying in ISM Dortmund combines comprehensive business knowledge with the latest research and practical application. 

Dortmund – living and studying facts  

Dortmund as a leader in technological industries draws students interested in IT, Manufacturing Technology, and Engineering. Automation and Robotics, Chemical Engineering and Data Science. However, business-oriented faculties are also getting more and more attention. Different schools cooperate with high-tech industries, business and research institutes. Thanks to that, students living and studying in Dortmund have bigger chances to launch their careers. 

Living in Dortmund will for sure be a unique experience, not only because of the wide variety of universities and international schools. It is full of leisure and cultural activities. With impressive woodlands and parks, dozens of historical sites to explore and a filled up events calendar, it is impossible to get bored. The cost of living in Dortmund for a family and couples is €1400 and for students is €800. Room in a student residence costs €250-€300, which is quite reasonable compared to other European cities. Fortunately, students can avail numerous discounts on transport, movies, events, museums and stores. 

Don’t hesitate too long. This year’s adventure has the colours of BVB Dortmund. 

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