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Room or apartment – what to rent when studying in Copenhagen?

Danes are considered one of the happiest nations in the world and their capital – Copenhagen – is, therefore, a place many want to live in. Students are keen on moving to Copenhagen for the good level of teaching at the universities and the laid-back atmosphere and young professionals for the opportunities which lay ahead of them in this beautiful city. The city is, however, also well-known for the fact that getting a place to live takes more time and effort than usual. It is often thought of as expensive so the decision of what kind of accommodation to rent in Copenhagen becomes a crucial one.

Studying abroad can be an amazing experience as long as you prepare well and are ready to face the obstacles which may unpredictably thwart your plans. In Denmark, such an obstacle may be the deposit which equals a 3-month rent and must be paid upon renting the flat. It is to cover the potential damage you do to the rented space. In many countries the entry payment is much cheaper so it is important to prepare for that or else you will be stunned at first, and then you may be packing your bags and soon on your way home.

There are various possibilities of rental, among the most popular being a whole flat or a single room. Numerous rental websites offer rooms for rent, studio apartments and rooms in dorms, yet it is not a piece of cake to rent a flat in Copenhagen. First of all, try “rent apartment Copenhagen” or “find roommate Copenhagen” in a browser and see what comes up. If that isn’t enough you can try a number of apps whose aim is to help find student accommodation in Copenhagen. Most of them are paid but they are worth the price as many landlords use them solely, hence they are invaluable for the newcomers seeking accommodation.

Renting a room in Copenhagen is more affordable than renting a whole flat or studio apartment, of course. Yet you must accept the fact that, unless you have a social network in the capital, you will be forced to live with strangers who although you estimated briefly as likeable beforehand, might turn out not as nice as they seemed at first glance. Also, it is necessary to share common spaces which isn’t the case if you decide to stay on your own. On the other hand, living with roommates you are less likely to experience acute loneliness and homesickness. All in all, renting a room is less costly but also may cause you trouble. As long as you are a highly tolerant and sociable person, go for it!

Another choice of accommodation to consider is renting a whole flat which for students is, of course, a little pricy. But Copenhagen is not a huge city and you can get anywhere by bike within 30 minutes so there is another option for those who are keen on keeping their independence – you may live further in the suburbs where it’s significantly cheaper.

Have you thought of living closely with other students? You will find a selection of student residencies and dorms in Copenhagen, one of the very best being Basecamp. There are 3 locations for students based in Copenhagen: a central one – Copenhagen City right next to the beautiful gardens of Rosenborg Castle and the National Gallery. Another one is situated at the heart of a vibrant town, just minutes away from both stunning nature and Denmark’s bustling capital – Lyngby. It is a state-of-the-art environmentally-friendly award-winning building with a rooftop running track. And the third is a newly opened, modern property in the central area – Copenhagen South Campus – with slides that you can use to get from floor 2 to 1.

All the properties are extremely secure – a stranger will not be let in – and have numerous amenities, both of which are features you will not come across when living in a flat. There is a cinema room, library, study rooms, common kitchens, gaming room, gym and bikes for rent to name just a few. It is a vibrant place where you can be creative and spread your wings but also study hard thanks to all the facilities you have at hand and the comfort which is provided in Basecamp. You don’t have to worry about electricity bills or water utilities as this will be taken care of for you by our Basecamp Managers and Basebuddies. They are also the ones who keep you safe and help the residents in case of a global pandemic, for example. No matter which location you choose, you will sense its uniqueness which reflects in the harmony between studying and having fun.

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