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Bars and cafes in Copenhagen: best places to visit

From breakfast till late at night, Copenhagen has something to offer for everyone, every time of the day.

Breakfast and coffee in Copenhagen

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you treat yourself to something nourishing. Why not go for an old-fashioned porridge but in a modern style? If you’re in – try Grød (which translates as porridge), they have several very popular porridge bars in Copenhagen. The menu consists of many kinds of porridge and their take on it is very creative and seasonal. Breakfast dishes start at 50 DKK (addresses: Vesterbrogade 105b, Birkegade 2, Jægersborggade 50, Nordre Frihavnsgade 14 and one at the food market Torvehallerne).

An exceptional place for breakfast in Copenhagen is Absalon (address: Sønder Boulevard 73, Vesterbro). It was a church in the olden days, but now is a community space with lots of activities; one of which is community dining. It is a great budget breakfast option for students, with breakfast served from 7:00 am. You sit together at long tables with classic breakfast food like boiled eggs, granola, and homemade buns with toppings and fruits. The talk of the town is that it is the best breakfast buffet in Copenhagen and it is really affordable.

Copenhagen runs on coffee. Great coffee shops are scattered about the city. These are the places where you start your day, meet your friends, study or work from. Here are some of Copenhagen’s favourites serving the best coffee.

Coffee Collective has six coffee bars in different parts of the city. This is a roaster who closely cooperates with farmers to develop sustainable products. Their coffee is shipped globally to coffee bars in other countries but here in its home, in Copenhagen, you can get the taste of their top quality cup of coffee. Their locations are as good as the coffee they serve. One of them is a Telefonkiosken, an iconic telephone booth from 1896 (Nørre Voldgade 70F). Other Coffee Collectives are in the following places: Jægersborggade 57, Sankt Hans Torv 3, Kristen Bernikows Gade 2, Godhåbsvej 34B, and at the food market Torvehallerne.

Lunch in Copenhagen

Like in any other city, Copenhagen is full of cool places for lunch but if there is one thing you have to try in Denmark it is Smørrebrød. In English, they are known as open-faced sandwiches and consist of a piece of rye bread and various toppings, such as pickled herrings, tartar, smoked salmon, boiled eggs etc. You can try it, for example, in Copenhagen Smørrebrød right in the city centre on Amagertorv 6.

Popular beverages in Denmark

Danes are known for being beer drinkers. Denmark is home to Carlsberg, a giant within the beer business but the craft beer scene is constantly growing. Copenhagen has become a heavyweight destination when it comes to great beer and bars.

The pubs or “værtshuse”, as they are known in Danish, are the classic places to enjoy a beer. Prices in Copenhagen are notoriously high (especially if you’re a student), but there are exceptions to the rule, like Eiffel Bar on Wildersgade 58. This is a real, old-fashioned, down-to-earth place for all. Probably the most popular student bar in Copenhagen is Studenterhuset on Købmagergade 52. Actually, it is not only a bar, but rather a place where students meet and create (debates, concerts, events and all other kinds of activities).

You definitely need to check Mikkeller Bar. Actually, Mikkeller has a few beer bars in Copenhagen (and not only) and it has grown from two home breweries into international recognition. At the original Mikkeller Bar at Victoriagade 8 you will find taps from Mikkeller as well as a bottled selection.

Danes are known for being beer drinkers, but recently cocktails became more and more popular. Therefore, you’ll find some of the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen as well, and we’re talking top-class cocktails. One of the most unusual bars is Petanque Bar on Vendersgade 22. You can play petanque aka boules while sipping a cocktail or have fun by one of the shuffleboard tables.

No cocktail guide for Copenhagen could be complete without mentioning Neighbourhood (on Jægersborggade 56). Their cocktails are delicious, unusual and organic. And they serve great pizza to go with them.

A great source of information and tips and addresses is

Nightlife in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is known for its great nightlife, so do not miss out on it. Every neighbourhood has something unique to offer, from mainstream discos to underground clubs. The city centre is about cocktails, wine glasses and dance parties, whereas Vesterbro offers a local approach and Nørrebro is for those who need a good night out.

Kødbyen is Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District and has a well-established reputation as a party scene. Jolene Bar (Flæsketorvet 89) located in an old butcher’s house attracts many people. The DJ line-up is always excellent, entrance is free, and drink prices are fair – this is the place for a memorable night. Another cool place in Meatpacking District is NOHO (Flæsketorvet 28). The place hosts some of the best DJs in late hours and its eccentric decoration – flower ceiling and plant-covered walls are one-of-a-kind. If you’re a fan of electronic music head up to Culture Box (Kronprinsessegade 54). This club has various music rooms with their own DJs.

As Danes are masters of hygge which is characterized by cosiness and contentment, relaxed nights are very popular in Copenhagen. So, if you just want to hang out with a cocktail, friends and house music go to PS Bar and Grill on Pilestræde 12A, located in the city centre.

When in heart of the city – you might want to try Chateau Motel (Knabrostræde 3). Once you enter through heavy black curtains you will find yourself in a four-story club with an impressive 19th-century chandelier. Different music styles in every room, great cocktails and impressive décor – that’s Chateau Motel.

There are lots of options to enjoy a great day and night in Copenhagen. Do not miss it!

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