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Danish islands – what to see except Zealand and North Jutlandic Island

Danish islands are beautiful and 

Denmark is surrounded by the sea and practically made up of small islands. The largest and most densely populated are Zealand, Funen, and the North Jutland Island. 

Each one is unique and gives you a chance to commune with relaxing nature and log out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a great destination if you enjoy island-hopping: from the Fyn archipelago to Bornholm, and the island of Samsø. The Danish island group consists of over 400 islands with thousands of miles of spectacular coastline with many lagoons, gulfs and inlets. Its diversity and natural beauty are guarantees of spending an unforgettable time. 

Danish islands are beautiful and quiet 

Most tourists start their exploration journey in Copenhagen, but it surely shouldn’t end there. Denmark has a wide variety of landscapes and areas of unspeakable peace and quiet waiting for you to explore like untouched dunes, high cliffs, magic forests with twisted trees and traditional seaside villages. The waters of the Baltic and North Seas carve natural swimming holes from the coasts. Everything mighty and wild. If you visited Tivoli Gardens, Little Mermaid Statue, the National Museum, and the Danish National Gallery, Rosenborg Castlewalked back and forth Strøget and Nyhavn (Harbour), or enjoyed a floating picnic, it’s time to start discovering the mysteries of Danish island list. The Faroe Islands are an archipelago of 18 mountainous islands between Iceland and the Shetland Islands. These Danish islands in the North Atlantic Ocean are characterized by steep cliffs, tall mountains and narrow fjord, windswept mountains, jagged coastlines and views like not from this planet. The beauty and wilderness stay in perfect harmony. 

The prison island: Christansø and Frederiksø 

Craving for an exciting historical experience? Focus on the easternmost point of Denmark, a former naval base and a penal colony Christansø and Frederiksø will not disappoint you. Ertholmene archipelago is situated approximately 20 km north-east of Bornholm. Everything on these islands is naturally preserved and breathtaking, with around 100 inhabitants guarding spectacular natural resources. Græsholm, which is closed to the public, is home to one of Denmark’s largest colonies of seabirds. King Christian V’s old fortress stands on Christiansø, untouched since 1684. The Lille Tårn and Store Tårn towers on Frederiksø will take you to the island’s naval past. Rocky coast, mystery, wild forests, and idyllic greenery covered in flowers are like a piece of paradise on earth except for the gruesome past of cruel executions. 

Island next to Little Belt Ærø 

Aeroe is one of the most beautiful fairy tale Danish islands in the Baltic. The only way to get to Ærø is by boat. You can book a ticket on a ferry or sail in your own boat and enjoy four climatic marinas. The island is of about 30 km in length and wide up to 8 km. The historic buildings in Aeroeskoebing, narrow paths, small houses and cobblestoned streets from the 18th century create an atmosphere, which can take you to the dreamland. The landscape of Aeroe Island is dominated by hills. There are three small towns inhabited by a total of 7,050 people. It is a beautiful place for hiking and relaxing close to nature. Located in the South of Funen Danish archipelago islands, Aeroe attracts tourists with exceptional weather. The climate here is particularly mild, and Ærø is one of the places in Denmark with the most hours of sunshine per year, and the temperature is also higher than the national average. All this makes Ærø the most romantic place in the area. This small, Danish island is renowned as the wedding capital of Europe with its charming views, romantic atmosphere and intimacy. 

Bornholm, a Sunshine Island  

This is a haven for artists and holidaymakers. This 227-square-mile Danish island of Bornholm contains everything from southern sandy beaches like Dueodde, to the rocky Sanctuary Cliffs in the North of the island.  A 10-12 feet deep Stavehøl Waterfall, considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island is a must-see. You may be lured to climb the rift Randkløve Skår, hike in the valley Døndalen or Paradise Hills and visit the ruins of Hammershus Castle, the largest medieval fortress in this part of the world. Don’t dare leave the Danish island Bornholm without trying the delicacy Sol Over Gudhjem, which is a sandwich with smoked herring, chives, and egg yolk, or without a meal at Kadeau, the Michelin-starred restaurant. 

Funen Denmark’s Garden Island 

It is one of three main Danish islands next to Zealand and North Jutlandic that you must put on your bucket list. Funenn lies between Zealand and the mainland. The picturesque Odense, the home city of Chans Christian Andersen, offers a vivid nightlife and plenty of cultural events. Garden Island is full of spectacular castles and manors surrounded by luxurious gardens. Among others, you should see romantic Sanderumgård GardenBroholm Park and Harridslevgaard Castle, Odense Cathedral from the 14th century, Egeskov castle placed in the middle of a small lake 400 years ago. With 123 castles and manors on Funen Island, there is no place like this, where history is so close and so intense. The Funen’s archipelago at the south of the island is a group of over 50 Danish islands, for example, Ærø – a Danish wedding island, Tåsinge with its wild nature and Langeland – famous for bird-watching.  

As shown above, Denmark is a unique place on earth, with many virgin spots still waiting to be discovered. It consists of the peninsula of Jutland and 1.419 islands, of which 78 are inhabited. Each one is a unique masterpiece. Anholt is called the Gran Canaria of the North, Fur – the winner of the most beautiful island ranking. Avernakø is known for may tree and maypole festivals, Orø for a birds’ paradise. Samosø is the only island with renewable energy. It is impossible to name them all. Each and every island has its own history, character and charm. Ready to start a Danish island journey of a lifetime? 

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